Jason Hill

Jason Staehler Hill is an American record producer, songwriter, film score composer, audio engineer, mixer and multi-instrumentalist.

He has worked with such artists as Louis XIVBrandon FlowersThe KillersDavid BowieRobbie WilliamsJetSky FerreiraDavid Fincher (director), New York DollsAriel PinkThe VirginsMacy GrayRichard Butler (The Psychedelic Furs), Convoy, Vicky Cryer, Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun), among many others.

Hill is the former lead singer, guitarist and producer of the band Louis XIV.

In 2014 Hill began his work as a film score composer, working with director David Fincher on Gone Girl  and most recently composing Fincher's Netflix series Mindhunter released on October 13th, 2017.

In 2016 Hill bought a building in Glendale/Burbank and built a massive recording complex and founded the Department of Recording and Power as a creative collective and World Class Vintage and Modern recording studio.


Interview with Jason Hill

Just about the last thing anyone wants to do is enter the mind of pure evil, let alone hear it meticulously, and deliciously describe its murderous exploits. That a view inside of its horrifying headspace has resulted in such eerily intoxicating music is a testament to the powerfully emerging voice of Jason Hill in “Mindhunter.” Created by serial killer media enabler par excellence David Fincher, this acclaimed Netflix series’ twist is that we barely see any violence at all.

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The Best Scores & Soundtracks Of 2017

Even before filmmakers were even able to record and sync sound, movies and music have been tied together. Back then, music was played on a piano or an organ. Now, some of the world’s greatest composers write scores that can stand as works of art separate to the films they accompany, while often doing so much to make those works memorable. Or filmmakers curate killer compilations of songs familiar and new that can lead to some of movies’ most memorable moments (and an overlooked song being revived).

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They say that music can soothe the savage beast. If only that were the case for the depraved serial murderers featured in Director David Fincher’s new series for Netflix, MINDHUNTER. Created by Joe Penhall, the show is based on the 1995 true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by former FBI Special Agent, John E. Douglas and Novelist, Mark Olshaker. The ten-episode series debuted on Netflix, October 13th, 2017.

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MINDHUNTER: Inside the mind of composer, David Fincher collaborator Jason Hill

Louis XIV and Vicky Cryer frontman Jason Hill had just broken up with a girlfriend on a Friday and was wondering what he would do next. Two days later, he answered a phone call that would alter his career trajectory; one that would lead him to write music for director David Fincher, one of the brightest cinematic talents working today.

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Hooked on Sonics: David Fincher, Composer Jason Hill Bend Sound and Time on 'Mindhunter'

Welcome to the world of David Fincher’s "Mindhunter," a circa 1970s crime drama that debuts on Netflix this weekend. “I just hire people that are great and get out of their way,” says the man who was the enfant terrible of ’80s music video.

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David Fincher on the Music of ‘Mindhunter’

Director and producer David Fincher wanted a backing track that “didn’t sound like music” for his new Netflix series Mindhunter, which is exactly what he got in the 10-episode show’s original score by composer Jason Hill. Hill, a veteran of the early aughts indie rock scene with throwback style, invented a library of original sounds he processed into music.

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Recent Work

Mindhunter - Netflix

Full score composed by Jason Hill
Directed By David Fincher
Music by Jason Hill


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